Monday, February 9, 2015

Ocean ease.

I realize it could get very old very fast to be the girl talking about The!Beach! and sunshine all the time. Remember last year when I got a lot of heat for complaining about winter all the time? At least you don't have to worry about all that anymore. (But seriously, harsh winters kill the souls of moms everywhere.) If happy sunshine pictures and stuff bothers you I may not be your cup o' tea--at least for a little while until the newness of all this wears off.

I'm being told though that the ease of going to the ocean whenever you want, the wonder of it all, won't wear off anytime soon. That people who live by the ocean still love it and don't take it for granted. I'm hoping that this is true, because right now? Right now we are eating this up.

I admit that it still feels a little like vacation, even though Declan is back to working full days. But the girls haven't started preschool yet (two more weeks), and since our days are a little carefree right now we get a lot of time to explore our new home. I also break up way more sister-fights than ever--so truthfully, I can't wait for them to have some structure with preschool. I might be counting down the days, it's possible.

The best part about living so close to so many options of beaches and entertainment is that we can pop in for quick "tire the kids out before bedtime" visits. There is no better tired than beach-tired. Hauling all those buckets of water back and forth, playing tag with your daddy, climbing the big (to them) sand dunes, dude, it's exhausting stuff. Everyone slept in this morning.

We feel like we've adjusted pretty well for the most part. Our place is starting to feel like home, a place to breathe and rest and break up kiddie arguments. I'm starting to cook meals and get back to a little bit of normal. I finally (as you can see) broke out my camera for the first time since December 25th. Because this place deserves more than my iPhone.

I promise not to take this sight for granted. I promise not to be like the girls last night who walked right onto the beach during sunset, turned their bodies around and proceeded to take 20 minutes of sunset selfies, never having once turned to enjoy the sunset at all.

We'll be in awe each and every time we walk onto a gorgeous beach, and we'll look at each other and say, I can't believe we live here. 

There's just something about the sandy toes and wind-blown hair that makes me feel like a childhood well done.


  1. super fun day at beach huuh :)
    Keep in touch

  2. So happy you are happy and loving the new location!

    As a native Floridian who has never lived more than 45 minutes from the ocean/gulf, I do get a kick out of all the wonder. But, it's great. There is something absolutely centering about the ocean and waves and sand.

    Also, as a Disney fanatic who NEVER takes for granted my proximity to The World..... Has it sunk in that you are a mere couple hours DRIVE from Land, lol?

  3. I hope you never get tired of the sea! I grew up next to the beach and then we moved inland. Not a day goes by that i don't miss the smell of the ocean on the breeze! Beautiful pics!!

  4. That looks so beautiful and amazingly warm and fun.

  5. Your pictures are definitely making me jealous! Gorgeous! :-)

  6. Hi Katie! I came across your blog recently and I think I literally read almost the whole thing (oops!) I've had a a few days off from work (teacher) due to snowstorms in Boston. You are such an inspiring mom and with all your fitness stuff. I've enjoyed reading your journey and you now have a new follower :)

  7. I really only have one word to say: Jealous! ;-)

  8. Welcome to my home town! Born and raised -- left for 11 years but moved back 3 years ago because SD is the best place in the world! How amazing has the weather been this week? Amazing even by san diego standards. What part of San Diego did you move to?

  9. Wow, What a happy family! Spending time together with your loved ones is a precious thing. It will be more livelier if you add a little boy in your team :)

    Rick and Clay County Bail Bands

  10. I am soooooooooo excited for you and your family. I believe I have posted on your blog one other time, but I have an interesting little biddy comment to let you know about. Since our school was cancelled due to extreme COLD weather, -18 below zero. I was on Google , as always, looking for new art lessons. My last Google search focused me to go to your old art blog "Oodles of ART". LOL Do you remember those days?
    Katie, I am truly very happy for you and your family's big move. (yes, maybe a little bit of jealously here on my side), but God has his plans for you and your family.
    I really feel like I am a really good friend of yours and do miss your posts. I have been following your "Love of Life" blog since 2008, and praying for you and your family since then as well. I Bless you all with your new life across the states, take care. God is Good. In Christ's LOVE, Christine Garmong