Saturday, March 7, 2015

If I could send sunshine in a bottle.

Last year I was pegged as the chronic winter complainer. I absolutely know I whined and oh my gosh, if school closed again just go ahead and kill me. That winter really messed with me, a lot. With a toddler and a preschooler who both seemed to aggravate the ever living heck out of one another every two and a half seconds plus living in a small'ish house--we were so done. I was so done.

Now, we obviously live 2600 miles away from the mess that's happening back home. I see the facebook posts and the instagram photos and the cries for help on blog posts about #hurryupspring. And I SO GET IT.

I really, totally do.

I know how real it is to feel trapped and jailed by weather. To feel like 'oh my god, will the sun ever shine again?', and to truly doubt that it ever will. To see another 10" snow storm in the forecast one day after getting 2 feet dumped on you and feel sick to your stomach about it. To see piles of snow so high you know it's not possible they'll melt until May, at least. To get excited for 30 or 40 degree weather and actually think it's acceptable to go coat-less because it's a notch up from the single digits. How miserable it can be to be stuck inside with kids clawing at the walls and cabin fever so bad that nothing except a trip to the park in sunshine and flip flops can cure.

I only had to suffer through the very early stages of winter this year. Before long we were on the west coast down here in our little San Diego slice of heaven where 70 degrees and sunshine became our new winter 'normal'. You can go ahead and hate me if you are in the misery stage of winter right now. It's ok--I don't mind. (Just remember all the work, people I loved that we left, and logistics that go into a cross country move when you're doing the hating, ha!) I mean, it's 84 degrees today and I'm wearing shorts. I'm wearing shorts in March, which frankly, is unheard of where I'm from. The weather no longer holds us back, basically, from anything. School is always open. The beach is no longer reserved for just 'vacation'.

But no matter how much our daily life and weather patterns over on this side of the country have changed--I don't forget. Oh no, I don't forget for a hot second that feeling and that misery that comes along with a never ending winter. If you've not been there, not felt what it's like to be stuck inside for endless day with children (snow days pre-children were pure awesome by the way...), with a huge lack of Vitamin D, and the winter blues that comes along with it---remember to be nice. You don't get it and you may never get it. I hope you don't, actually. Because Endless Winter is exhausting, and hard, and soul-draining. And if you're someone who loves all this winter nonsense and being trapped indoors with kids for endless days, I don't understand you-but it's ok. To each his own.

So, my friends and family in that "We hope it's the end but we just don't know if another storm will slap us in the face"-season, I love you. I get it. And I'm praying for your sanity.

Eventually all your #hurryupspring hashtags will come forth.

And next winter you will book your tickets to see us to escape all that nonsense, yes? Just say yes.



  1. I live in Boston, where we had record breaking snow falls this winter. I don't even have children and it's driving me mad! I'm a teacher and the snow days this year made me so anxious and I was actually bored out of my mind. While I'm getting excited for spring, a part of me is already dreading next winter. I know I could get up and move but I don't know if I ever will. Glad to know someone else feels the same! Until summer, I'll just read your blog posts and pretend I'm on the beach too :) so glad you are enjoying your new life- it takes A LOT of guts!!

    1. Oh, man--I have been watching the boston snow via instagram and it is something else. I'd go stir crazy for sure, kids or not. hoping spring comes soon for you all!

  2. I was a constant winter complainer last year too. I'm just not a winter fan in general but last year was the worst. Probably due to the fact that almost every inch of the 36+" we got I shoveled on my own because my husband was usually out of town when it snowed. But I was thankful that I was able to do what needed to be done. But all the snow coupled with the fact that one "friend" who lived in the same town would post about how pretty the snow was every time I complained about it sent me over the edge. Since then I've noticed that any time it snows she now complains. I don't think I will ever enjoy winter, and especially snow when I have loved ones that have to travel in it. I hated it when I had to and I was a complete chicken (and had snow days), but it scares me to no end. And even now when friends that live in FL post about their nice weather it doesn't upset me, I just realized that they are smarter than me to live somewhere nicer. I can handle all the other seasons in the midwest, but winter makes me a serious grump. Glad you are able to enjoy winter on the "other side".

    1. Winter just makes me sad--it's rough! Let's hope it's the end for you all!

  3. Ughhhhhhh.

    That's all I can muster right now. ;-)

    40's and even *gasp* 51 this week in the forecast! I am hopeful! And I am NOT going to believe there is a possibility they will find some random snow storm to throw in there. I will not, I will not. 'cause...40's!

  4. Winter in Texas has been pretty bad compared to our normal, so while I have nothing on all y'all Yankees (ha), it's been tough being cooped up so much too. We've had so much rain (some of it freezing but not much) and just cold enough to make it impossible to be outside. I know it's not single digits, but literally my kids have hoodies as winter coats and nothing water proof. So it's hard to be outside for long periods of time when it's 35 or even 45 when you only have a hoodie! And it really just isn't worth it to spend the money for a snow suit or whatever when we normally don't have many bad days. It also doesn't help this year that we're building a house and living as a family of 4 in an apartment (the pool was AMAZING the first month we were here and then...fall) and just found out today that our house is being delayed 2 weeks because of...the weather! So all this to say, I get it!!! Even my wimpy Texas self!

  5. I'll probably never truly get it but we've had several day snow of clouds and rain and I am SO DONE. I need some sunshine up in here, STAT! Glad you're enjoying that California sun. It's good for the soul. :)