Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Lucy girl turns 3

Oh Lucy, tomorrow you're 3 and girl, you are oh so excited it, too. Part of me is doing the whole, 'where did my baby go?'-thing, and the other part of me is like, 'FINALLY!' because you've been acting so much older than your age for a good, long time now.  

You are perfectly YOU. You are so much different than your sister in so many ways. We love that you have your very own personality and that you need a different part of us than she needs. We love that you rely on an extra snuggle or long, long embrace throughout the day to keep you going. We love that you're just a little bit cautious of everyone around you. We love that you're oh-so-hilarious, and sometimes save that silliness just for the comfort of home. 

We love that little voice of yours, that so perfectly and eloquently (and maybe a bit back-talk'y at times) can state exactly what's going on, and how you feel. We all envy that gorgeous head of hair you have, and talk about how in your college-years you'll be able to roll out of bed and head to class looking fab in no-time. You are so natural, so lovely, with the most squishable and soft cheeks of all time. 

You're a little bit needy, clinging to adults and comfort around you when you're feeling a bit unsure. But with a little warming up you're completely good to go, and end up always having "the best day EVER!

You love to re-live your days and talk about what we did. You still confuse "today" and "tonight" and get mad if we say we're doing something tonight, because it's just not soon enough. If we say 'today', you are satisfied. You giggle and dance and say "oh-em-gee", which kills me. You use your imagination and play with your dolls and make up little voices and scenes. Speaking of dolls, you are such a good little momma, always feeding, and shushing and rocking your babies to sleep. 

I still get nightly visits from you--you've never quite gotten over your need for a midnight cuddle from your momma. I try not to let to it bother me, because part of me says you're still so little, and the other part of me knows that in the end, this will all be over in a flash. You're such a little lover, and you can't hate that.

You're constantly affirming your dad and I. You frequently tell us we're 'the best dad ever!/the best mom ever!' and tell us how much you love us. You adore your sister, but she's the one person who can get under your skin in a flash. You two are either the best of friends or worst of enemies. Most of your fights breeze over quickly, but every single day is filled with lots of I'm sorry's and forgiveness between you two. 

Life with you is fun! And silly! And way, way cuter. We're excited for another great year of life with you, Lucy girl, and we love you so, so much.

happy birthday sweet love.


  1. No idea where the last 3yrs went but lucy has certainly filled them with joy! Happy birthday sweet girl, we love you so much!!

  2. Happy Birthday, Lucy! I was missing the posts on Instagram. I was a follower and apparently no longer am and it won't let me request to follow again.

  3. Happy Birthday sweet Lucy girl!! We Love you so much and can't wait to see you again soon!! Love, Mommom and Poppop

  4. Mine just turned three as well. Happy birthday!! How they grow up!

  5. She is so beautiful! You guys sure raise some amazing little girls !!! Happy 3rd birthday pretty lady!!

  6. OMG this is so adorable!! She is gorgeous, just like her mama :-)

  7. LOVEEEE this age!! it's such a fun age! the thinks that they say or do are mostly hilarious!! have fun with her! and Happy birthday sweet Lucy