Saturday, September 19, 2015

I don't 'life update' and yet here I am.

It is so strange to me how writing and updating here has become so foreign. So much so that a ton of life has happened between the silence of posts, and besides an instagram pic here or there, writing about huge life things just doesn't happen. I still like looking back on certain aspects of my life with small children from this space and reading about things that I've already forgotten. You know?

It turns out that all that horribly cheesy stuff about time moving so fast and stuff is so damn true after all. Because somehow, this afternoon, I'm sitting here in my little San Diego home, having lived here for 8 months already (what?!), with a 20 week baby in my belly (surprise!), a husband with a new job, and a full-time kindergarten student (how?) Life is wild.


I remember thinking that Kindergarten would certainly come fast, but in those long, hard days of toddler stubbornness, it really felt more like a million years away. Somehow though, this is our reality now. Our first baby is totally not a baby anymore and she's off all day to Kindergarten. It's crazy to me that I'm an official school-mom now. No more lazy mornings and bumming-it in pj's until whenever we want. We drive up the hill and I walk her the few blocks into school each morning, total "90210"-style with outdoor hallways and all. Oh, southern California. :) Each afternoon, I walk back over and pick her up. Lucy's preschool is on the same street, so it makes it pretty convenient and all the extra walking is probably a hidden blessing, right? That's what I tell myself on the super-hot days as sweat is literally dripping from my back. It is our hottest time of year here, after all.

She's in a really cool 50/50 Spanish immersion program, so she spends half of her days in the English classroom, and half of her days fully immersed in a Spanish-only speaking classroom. It's really so neat and the fact that this is our public school option makes it even better (FREE!). We are loving being in a very diverse community and school. So far the school drama seems to be limited to 'who sits where' at lunch, and for now, that's about all I can handle.

She's transitioning as well as I thought she would. One whiny day where she didn't want to go to school, but mostly waking up with a smile, getting herself dressed, and having "tooootally great" days. (If you saw my instagram video, you know what I'm referring to :) )


Declan got a new job here in San Diego, totally out of the blue. No more remote-working from home, as he traded all that in for better pay (hallelujah), and working with a team of developers in a really cool office pretty close by. I'm really proud of him. The opportunity completely landed in his lap, as he was not searching for a job at all.  Turns out that LinkedIn recruitment is a real thing, and if you have the skills someone needs then you could totally be head-hunted and offered an amazing opportunity completely out of left field. We honestly felt that the entire way it worked out made it clear as day that this was the direction we were to head for our family, and a month or so in, we're still feeling great about it. I was able to cut back on my work hours a little, too.

While I thought I'd be bummed to not have him working from home anymore, it really is ok after all. Our new routines fell into place, I gained a bedroom back in our house, and come afternoon we all really can't wait to see him again.


We had promised ourselves that this would be the year for a really great family vacation. I know we live in a vacation destination, but still, there's something to be said about a week away where you don't have to do the dishes for once. Earlier this year we booked a trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and in August we spent a blissful week doing a whole lot of nothing but pool lounging, eating, drinking (sadly, not me...), and sleeping. It was on this vacation where we announced that there would be another crazy-fun addition to the family in early February.


Andddd so I guess that leads me to the whole pregnancy thing?  I wasn't ready for a long time to do the whole baby thing again,  it's true. We had been thoroughly enjoying our time with kids a tad bit older, who were capable of skipping naps and full-day adventures, and of course, diaper-less bliss! But we've always both known that when the time is right, we'd both agree, and we'd just go for it. All in. Turns out, that little nudging came a few months after moving here and we were both on board.

Back when I used to over-share like crazy (uh,, really I'm sorry), you know I've had my rough-go with pregnancies and sickness. It's safe to say that this baby was no different, as I spent the first two months pretty much flat-out in bed, unable to move half the time, let alone work out for about 5-6 weeks. I frequently reminded myself to keep the end goal in sight, that I had my entire life to be fit, and that this will be over in a blip--which I still believe. But, dude, those long days of feeling like hell are not fun, not even a tiny bit. I was just glad when we could finally tell our girls (we told them at about 10 weeks), and a huge sigh of relief came over Emeline. She was so very worried about me for so long, and had so many questions as to why "God didn't heal mommy when I prayed!" It broke my heart. But all is well now, and she understands that sometimes making babies can make the mommas sick.

The good news is, thanks to a 1/2 of a tiny tablet of over-the-counter unisom at night, my sickness has subsided a great deal and I'm mostly normal again. I've been back to the gym and doing as much as I can do, burpees and all. But pregnancy cravings don't lie, and I'm not gonna hashtag #fitpregnancy because the truth is I'm getting fluffy and my thighs don't lie. I will have a legitimate amount of weight to lose post baby, but I'll worry about that when it's time. Until then...let's go to Chick-fil-a.


All my Pennsylvania family came into town two weeks ago and spent time in San Diego doing fun stuff and hanging out before my little brother's wedding weekend. YES, that's right---that sweet, adorable baby brother of mine is now taken, and by a frickin' awesome lady at that. We are so very glad he met his match, and I have another awesome sister-in-law in Sarah. The wedding was as amazing as you could imagine a hipster-desert wedding to be.  Every.little.detail.

gorgeous photo courtesy of Yes, Dear. Studio

Oh, and when our family was around, we figured it would be fun to find out just WHO was inside that belly of mine. To no surprise at all, we found out that our 3rd little love is indeed, our 3rd baby girl. 3 sisters. 3 girls. All the love. We feel triply blessed.

19 week belly           //          celebrating baby girl #3 with pink silly string & confetti on the beach (we cleaned up :)

A lot of life has happened, and so much more than this long update nonsense. I'm currently reading Hands Free Mama and being challenged every second of it; to live in the present, forget about my phone more often, and live this sweet life with my people. 'Cuz after all, if this Kindergarten thing has taught me anything at all, it's that this time thing really does go way too fast.


  1. Oh yes, the cheesy time flies stuff is all true! Once my youngest started Kinder that's when things went into overdrive!

    I always love keeping up with you and your precious family on IG. :-)

    And Hands Free Mama is wonderful! And i just finished Hands Free Life - also many great reminders there!

    Congrats on all these wonderful things!!

  2. First Congratulations!!! Another baby girl! Second so happy for your family that everythins is doing so well!! I'm really happy to see happy people!!

    Gettings From Venezuela

  3. Love all of this! Every last word! Dude, the kindergarten thing has been so hard on me! But reminding myself I am so lucky she is healthy and thriving! xoxo.

  4. Yay for an update! I miss reading your blog and am excited to see how blessed y'all are. I hope you update again soon or even if it is in 20 weeks with cute newborn pics!

  5. I must read this book, I MUST! I hear so many awesome things about it and I already know it's something I NEED!

  6. Wow! Congrats on all he changes... Three girls!? I might be a little jealous :)

  7. Love this - congratulations - and keep living your super-fun life!

  8. Congratulations, I also have two girls and I would totally take the plunge with a third if I knew it was another girl :)