Thursday, November 12, 2015

A privilege to love you.

Parenting young kids is a selfless thing. Nothing will remind you more of that than when you have to untangle your very pregnant self from the most comfortable of pillow situations set up justttt right about 12x in one night because, kids, man. The grunting and groaning that goes into getting in and out of that pillow shelter is something from a scene of a movie I'd never want to see.

The back pain that happens if said pillows aren't set up just right isn't worth it. So grunting and groaning it is.

Needless to say it was one of those kinds of nights last night. The kind all parents have, some of us more often than others. Not anything crazy unusual-- but bad dreams comforted by a little arm-rub and a prayer, a little bribe to get back into bed, coughs that are annoying and nagging, and a fevered kiddo crawling into your bedroom because they're just too exhausted to walk on their feet. Setting up the 'sick-bed' next to your own, checking on sick big sister multiple times, and little sister coming in for a morning cuddle sesh (which is really more like a 'kicking mom with her freezing cold feet repeatedly' sesh).

A day that wasn't meant to be spent at home solely has now turned into that, and honestly--it's ok. Plans change and that's life with children, and life with school germs.

Even in these moments just now that I snuck away to the kitchen table to drink some water and munch on some honey nut cheerios while two little dress-up Elsa's watch Frozen, I am comforted. I'm comforted in the fact that we are all doing it. We are knee-deep in kid-needs and wants, and getting up from our bed 10x a night to comfort and love our little ones if need be.

In the time it took me to write this barely-a-post blog, I have filled up two cups of water, poured cereal, poured second helpings of cereal, changed two pairs of panties (Lucy is very indecisive on her character choices these days), dressed up a tiny Elsa character, blown noses that aren't mine, paused the movie to settle an argument, and re-attached the back of the dress-up gown, again.

Life is a constant up/down, and sometimes literally--as the second you sit, you are riiiight back up again doing something else for your kid (I just cut a bowl of never ends). I may sometimes do it with a grunt or a groan, but I'm constantly reminded that the privilege of children is just that. Always, but especially in this month dedicated to gratitude, I'm going to try to keep remembering that little fact. Raising and loving these little people is a privilege. Less moaning and whining and more gratitude. More love.



  1. I really liked this post on you barley-posted blog!! Helps to remind me to put my raising of my littles into perspective. Thank you!!!

  2. It really is a privilege. Most days I go through the motions and wonder if I will ever get to eat dinner sitting down the entire time :) But then its the moments when I can stop and take it all in and see the greatest gift I have been given! Great post!!

  3. I love your video! What did you use to make it? Your trip looks lovely. This is almost the exact trip I took with my first boyfriend, now husband, when we were 19! I'm a life-long southern californian and I don't hardly explore as much as I should. So good for you!