Monday, December 28, 2015

A coast to coast Christmas

For my memory's sake...


This year, being our first Christmas away from all our family--we knew without a shadow of doubt we'd travel back to Pennsylvania for the holiday.

I knew I was cutting it a wee-bit close with how pregnant I am, but my OB ok'ed me to go, and hey! My ankles didn't even swell and I only peed 6 times on a 5 hour flight.  It could have been worse.  Bending over to retrieve things from the bags under the seats was probably the worst part-as my bend-over-abilities are limited these days. We arrived back to coldness we've not felt in a while (20's-30 degrees, maybe?), and it set Lucy off into a fit of tears. Girlfriend does NOT remember cold like that--and she doesn't like it one bit.

The crazy news is that somehow we must have brought the warmth with us. Over the next few days the temps rose up to wildly high record setting numbers, and we experienced a 70 degree Christmas Eve & Day in Pennsylvania. These things are basically unheard of.  I did not complain, and Lucy stopped crying. :)

Despite having kids fighting off fevers, sporting gnarly coughs, and feeling generally sick and blah the whole time, we managed to make the most of our short trip. We got to see and connect with our old church community our first night in, Declan and I each got time with siblings separate and together, we saw our favorite friends, we stayed with my parents, so there were lots of grandparent snuggles on that side, and more. We made cookies, gingerbread houses, had brunches, ate the pizza we'd been craving, had hoagies from WaWa (some of you get it), and even ate at our favorite Mexican restaurant (even though they're littered on every street corner in San Diego, haha!).

Overall, despite sharing our sickness with friends and family (seriously--I am so sorry....and I love you all for still hanging with us)--it was great. Most things are the same back 'home', ok, everything is the same for the most part. But it's still really fun to come back and fit right into the mix again.

I made a video montage of some of our San Diego Christmas fun (we celebrated early with the girls), and then our PA Christmas celebrating. I think it's my 4th year of making a Christmas mash-up video, and I never regret it.

We are back to San Diego now, after a flight that caused me to kiss the ground upon arrival. Seriously--I am so over these flights so turbulence-ridden, and for so long, that people are vomiting all around me. I prayed that Jesus would forgive all my sins and begged him to get home to all our other "problems"--ie: needing to find a place to live, and move, and all that--you know, in the next week or so.

So that's where we're at. Still trying to figure out a place to live...but still remaining hopeful. 'Tis the season for that after all.



  1. man, that video is the best! Merry Christmas! :D

  2. Despite the bug, sounds wonderful!! Wishing you an awesome new place! Quick!!

  3. so cute!!! i love Emeline's excitement about every single gift. And you sis is pregnant again??? so fun!!!!

  4. So inspiring and can't wait for all the news about the upcoming life events!
    the life coach

  5. Hi! I'm quasi new to your blog (also from PA! Boo, cold!) and just had my 1st baby a few months ago. I would like to make movies like this for her milestones in the future. Can I ask what kind of video camera you used? My husband has a GoPro but I don't know how that would be with home movies. and is it safe to assume this was put together with something like iMovie? Thanks, Krista

    1. I use my canon 7d to shoot video like this and edit in imovie!