Friday, December 4, 2015

The Bump Part 3 (Blanqi Goodness)

I've not spent a whole lot of time talking about this bump or pregnancy, maybe it's a third kid thing, who knows. But one thing I do know is that comfort + support are pretty much the two biggest things I've sought out when its come to maternity clothes this time around.

My body responds to pregnancy like a grandma. My back aches because when my entire core is not strong, I'm a hot mess in that department. My knees hurt. My thighs grow big and I just generally don't feel like myself. It's all OK, because I know what my body is doing is good and wonderful. But it certainly helps to have articles of clothing that are A) Easy and Functional B) Ease the ache and pains.

When I discovered the maternity supportwear at Blanqi I am pretty sure I did a little happy dance. Their stuff looked amazing, people raved about it, and I was dying to get my hands on some Belly Support Leggings. I was lucky enough to also try out the UnderBust Belly Support Tank and holy-game-changer.

Don't freak out--but you're gonna see my sports bra. I know, I know. I thought the under bust thing would be super weird and uncomfortable, but it is totally the opposite, in fact it lifts and perks the girls up in a way that's actually quite flattering (when I'm wearing a normal bra). Obviously, you wear this little gem underneath your clothing.

This sucker has a built in support band that helps my back issues significantly. I used this while we traveled the coast and walked all those miles, and I truly think it's one of the reasons I survived.  You can even use the tank to hide un-buttoned pants (if, you know, you can fit in pre-pregnancy clothes not me). The tank top grows with you, for sure, but keeps your belly looking cute and round. The moisture-wicking fabric makes it a great addition to your workout gear, along with that support to keep your back in check, it's a winning gym combo. On the backside there's even x-shaped back anchors that lift and support the extra pregnancy pounds, lessening the stress on your back.

For reference, I'm in a medium. I'll definitely be able to wear this for another 9'ish weeks and I'm not even sure how I lived without it in my other two pregnancies. It's awesome.

You can see all the details of the tank on Blanqi's website .


Aren't leggings the best thing to ever come into fashion? Seriously. They're easy and there are so many ways to wear them. Jeans both hurt and annoy me when I'm pregnant--but the Maternity Belly Support Leggings at Blanqi are like butter. The best part is, I don't feel like I'm suffocating in my tum/ribcage area. The full belly panel is soft and not at all restrictive, but yet, stays in place. The material DOES NOT ATTRACT LINT, and honestly, that's a huge pet peeve of mine, especially with black pants of any kind.

Pictures to get the idea:

Please, oh god, please know I would NEVER EVER wear them like this in public. I'm obviously trying to show you the full picture. I am totally on team cover-your-tush. The leggings are made from a breathable, moisture-wicking fabric, they have no seams, and truly feel so great on. They are not completely opaque, and there is tiny bit of sheen to them--personally, for me, I'd only wear them with a longer tunic top or under a cute dress. However, that's my normal rule for leggings anyway.

I'm in a medium with plenty of room and stretch to spare. Selfie angles are always more flattering, let's be honest. ;) 

Pairing all the things together like the pro at comfort that I am....

If you've not found the comfort of Blanqi yet, do yourself a favor and go cruise their site for a bit--or stalk their cute instagram account.

Thanks BlanqiGirls for the love. My baby belly thanks you.


  1. Oh man. You are so CUTE pregnant! I cannot believe you get to have three of those beautiful baby girls! Cannot wait to see her and see her name! :) I am headed there now for some belly support leggings as I hope to need those in the future:)

  2. That was definitely my look when I was pregnant in the winter - lots of leggings and long sweaters. But oh my goodness - how is it possible you are this pregnant already?? I swear I feel like you just announced it yesterday. I still feel like you should be first trimester-ish, not 9 weeks away!! (That comment has nothing to do with the size of your belly because it is most definitely cute! Only with the fact that you said 9 (!) weeks.)