Thursday, December 27, 2018

Christmas Times 2018- Our Video & The weighty feels

On Christmas night Declan and I were laying around by the fire once the kids were in bed looking at videos of our fam on the East Coast--and getting into the weeds of, "are we ruining our kid's lives by living so far from family?" I don't know-there's something about the last two months out of the year, every time they roll around, that just make us feel nostalgic and gives us all the weighty-feels.

Every other time of the year we are fine. So fine. We are loving life and happy here and busy and--all the regular family and life stuff, you know? But the holidays have this way about them. I don't even know if this makes sense.

We talked about how Christmas felt magic to us as kids-and it wasn't because of Santa or any of that, but because of the traditions. Familiar things that happened year after year--people who came into town, the cozy-magic of special dinners and desserts and treats that only came once a year. I wonder, I HOPE that our kids will think back on Christmas and it will have those feelings. But I honestly don't know, and as silly and menial as it sounds to (type) say this out loud, it feels like a massive responsibility as a parent-and one I don't wanna screw up.

This holiday was weird and special. Emeline got her tonsils out, so we literally didn't leave the house for 7 days. She was (is) in pain, and it's been a whole lot of laying around and not doing much. My mom and dad also came into town and spent Christmas with us which was so sweet, and they're pros at snuggling kids and not getting too antsy. So it was perfect.

But after I put together our annual Christmas Times video yesterday--I felt the heavy weight of "did we do ANYTHING special this year" lift off of me. This is why I love making these videos. It actually reminds me of so much of the tiny holiday magic we made and I had forgotten! And, the chaos of the moments disappears when you see them in tiny snippets of their sweet smiling faces. You're left with happy, sweet memories that make your heart warm and remind you you're doing alright.

So here's our video this year:

It has been so fun to see so many of you tag me in your videos or let me know you've used my blog post from last month to make your own recap video. Sweet memories in motion you can watch over and over and feel. Gives me the warm fuzzies.

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  1. Honestly, I completely relate to this feeling and our family is all local! As we get older, traditions have been changing, certain people don’t want to put the effort forth to do things the same way we’ve always done them, etc. And that is what makes the holidays tough - the loss of my own feelings of magic and trying to create consistent traditions for my one child (it’s trickier it seems, to get one child all excited than with more because there’s no other young energy to feed off of). Your girls are experiencing so many wonderful things SoCal has to offer, their lives are richer for it. You’re doing an amazing job, as your video shows, and I’m so grateful for your encouragement to make our own. It reminded me despite all the things that have dropped from our greater family’s tradition, we’ve made our own.