Lost It

I was overweight. Then I got pregnant with my first baby and was even more overweight afterwards. Around the time she was 7-8 months old, I got fed up and decided to take matters into my own hands. I joined Weight Watchers online on January 3rd, 2011 like the rest of the resolution-making peeps, but I stuck to it.

About 8 months later I had lost 50lbs.


Before & Afters

I get a lot of emails about weight/food/weight watchers/exercise type stuff. Like, a lot. Be sure to check out my Weight Loss Labels to find some of the answers you're probably looking for and watch the Weight Watchers Vlog my sister & I did for you with helpful tips and advice.

After I lost all that weight I ended up getting pregnant again, had a much healthier pregnancy, and had lost all my baby weight by 5-6 months postpartum. I felt great and began running again by 4 weeks postpartum.

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Pic of me 11 months postpartum: 

Stepped it up a notch after this by eating mostly Paleo & adding lots of great group fitness into my routine. Classes like Bootcamp, Body Combat, Body Pump, etc.

January 2014